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The Cups4Conservation eco products range offers a non-toxic, long life product alternative to single-use plastic coffee cups and straws. This eco-friendly drink-ware range is hand-blown toughened glass and organic FSC certified bamboo, which is non-toxic, BPA/BPS free, reusable and 100% recyclable.

Wild Life Environmental Founder, Emily Dowling, has worked in the field of environmental management for 15 years. Following the arrival of her first child, the philosophy of making environmentally conscious decisions on an individual level, became an even greater passion, with Wild Life Environmental branching out into the field eco-product design.


“Although I have always worked in environmental management, having children opened my eyes even wider to the importance of finding natural product alternatives and minimising our own environmental footprint on the earth”.

"Also, being a lover of tea and coffee, I became increasingly aware of my own responsibility to reject the use of single-use disposable cups. Most people are unaware that almost all disposable cups cannot be recycled, and with over 1 billion coffee cups sent directly to landfill each year in Australia, ditching the disposables, and replacing them with a beautifully designed, all glass reusable product is simply a no-brainer!"


Having searched high and low, with no luck, for plastic free, sustainable and completely glass (including the lid!) drink-ware products, Emily combined her environmental management experience, with her passion for wildlife conservation to design and develop the Cups 4 Conservation range.


Tasmanian owned and designed, the best part of the Cups 4 Conservation story (aside from helping to divert over 1 billion disposable cups currently sent to landfill each year in Australia!) is that Wild Life Environmental contributes a percentage of proceeds to wildlife and threatened species conservation programs in need.


Based in Tasmania, Wild Life Environmental has designed its glass and bamboo drink-ware range with a beautiful laser-cut Tasmanian animal artwork, depicting species that are vulnerable, endangered, or those already lost, as a reminder that we must care for our earth and its animals. 


With its Cups 4 Conservation range, Wild Life Environmental aims to:

  • Lead the charge in the ‘war on waste’;

  • Advocate for an eco-friendly world;

  • Support wildlife & biodiversity conservation programs.


“As the custodians of this planet we, as humans, must respect it. An individual and collective responsibility rests with us to look after our oceans, terrestrial environment and wildlife and to educate future generations in the importance of this legacy”.


“Small, simple acts can lead to revolutionary environmental change – the key to a greener planet is attached to every individual’s key ring”


Thank you for your contribution to a greener world and helping to protect our wildlife in need!

          ~ Emily, Founder Wild Life Environmental             

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