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Emily Dowling, Founder and Director

A Qualified Environmental Scientist, Emily has 20 years' experience in environmental management, corporate sustainability and wildlife conservation. Emily has successfully delivered large-scale environmental management and conservation programs across the aviation, agricultural and zoological sectors.


Graduating with a B.Sc Environmental Science from the University of Sydney in 2004, Emily began her career, and spent the next 7 years, holding Senior Environmental Advisory and Management roles within the Qantas Group.

These roles involved the implementation of the Qantas Group’s Environment Strategy through project management, environmental risk and compliance management, provision of consulting-type advice and directional influence throughout the entire Qantas Group of companies and affiliates. A particular area of Emily's responsibility included the development and implementation of the Group’s Environmental Management System framework, in line with the International Standard for Environmental Management, ISO14001:2004.

In 2012, Emily moved into the agricultural sector, accepting the role of Environment Manager in the GrainCorp Group, and was responsible for the development and implementation of all aspects of GrainCorp's Storage and Logistics Environmental Management Program, including environmental risk and compliance management, environmental management system design and implementation, sustainability & compliance reporting and environmental improvement initiatives and programs.

Relocating to Tasmania in 2014, Emily moved away from the Corporate Environmental Management sector, applying her practical skills in animal biology, as Sanctuary Manager of Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary. Her responsibilities encompassed all areas of operational, financial and business administration, as well as the design, implementation and strategic growth of native wildlife conservation breeding programs, education and visitor interpretation programs and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation support programs.

In 2017 Emily founded Wild Life Environmental, with her consultancy work delivering significant wildlife conservation programs & initiatives, including large-scale threatened species breeding and education facilities, as well as pioneering and key-stakeholder involvement in wild-release programs, including the return of the previously extinct Eastern Quoll to Mainland Australia.

In 2019, Emily launched the online Eco Product arm of Wild Life Environmental, and the Cups 4 Conservation initiative, which now has over 20 'Retail Conservation Partners' throughout Tasmania. 

In 2021, construction began on 'The Eco Cabin', maximising the use of sustainable and upcycled materials to deliver a Scandinavian inspired luxury A-frame cabin. Wild Life Environmental's 'Eco Accommodation' now operates as a sought after, sustainably designed luxury escape, located in the heart of Northern Tasmania.




Feature Article on 'The Eco Cabin Tasmania'.

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