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Are you a business, cafe or coffee shop interested in retailing our products? In offering reusable cups, not only is this demonstrating  environmentally responsible business practices, and diverting waste from landfill, it could also result in significant financial savings. Many coffee shops sell upward of 500 cups of coffee per day! At 0.20c ea, this is $36,500 on disposable cups in one year! You can help further by matching out commitment to a percentage of proceeds directed into wildlife conservation programs. 


Interested in becoming a Cups 4 Conservation partner? Shoot us through an email for more information and our wholesale price list or complete the order form below.

Online Order Form

Tasmania (State-wide)

(Delivery timeframe: 1- 3 days from order submission)

Australia (Other States)

Thanks for your Cups 4 Conservation Order - your shipment will soon be on its way!

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